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Bunions are a common deformity plaguing millions of patients nationally. It has been estimated that between six and ten percent of the American population is afflicted by them. Typically, bunion repair has often required extensive rehabilitation, prolonged pain and a great deal of disability. And this is still the case in many situations. However, Dr. Allen Selner, President of Medstar, has changed the way people think about bunion repair.

In 1984, Dr. Allen Selner pioneered a surgery known as the Tri-Correctional Bunionectomy. This approach focuses on cutting the head of the metatarsal, moving it over and down, and then fixating the area with a screw. The screw is removed 3-6 months later. This approach combines soft tissue and structural changes which allow for an excellent correction. Medstar's use of this approach has brought notoriety to the practice. Dr. Selner and the Tri-Correctional Bunionectomy have been featured on numerous television programs including The Learning Channel's series, "The Operation." What really has brought this procedure to the forefront is the focus on outcomes data, which has been exceptional.

With approximately two thousand procedures performed and four clinical studies published, Medstar is a national leader in the area of bunion repair. Medstar's documented outcomes data show the average return to shoes for the Tri-Correctional Bunionectomy patient is approximately 12.6 days, allowing for a rapid return to shoes and activities. Medstar patients also exhibit high satisfaction levels with minimal discomfort. Studies show an 88% minimal to no pain rating given by immediate post-operative patients. Very few patients need anything more than an anti inflammatory postoperatively.

Medstar's commitment to outstanding results is evidenced by documented patient outcomes and a strong academic emphasis.

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