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Allen Selner, DPM

Dr. Allen Selner - Medstar Foot and Ankle - Redondo Beach Podiatrist

Dr. Allen Selner is the President of Medstar Foot & Ankle Center and pioneer in surgical engineering and heads our team of clinicians. Dr. Selner completed his undergraduate degree in engineering at the University of California at Berkeley, and went on to complete his doctorate at the California College of Podiatric Medicine.

Dr. Selner has been awarded the prestigious status of Diplomate of the American Board of Podiatric Orthopedics, and is head of the Los Angeles Institute for Foot, Ankle and Bunion Surgery. Additionally, Dr. Selner was medical director for the sport of roller skating in the United States and served as its representative at the United States Olympics Organizing Committee.

Dr. Selner has been recognized for his surgical engineering and biomedical excellence by numerous professional and media organizations including a feature presentation on The Learning Channel. Dr. Selner is the CEO of a new sports science company called Mechanical Medicine. Dr. Selner invented the worlds first adjustable foot orthotic called the Selner, TX.

Tara Gerow - Patient Liason

Scarlett Hite - Patient Liason - Medstar Foot and Ankle - Redondo Beach Podiatrist

Tara is Dr. Selner's medical assistant and patient liaison. She will be happy to assist you with any questions you have regarding his revolutionary procedure, the Tri-Correctional Bunionetomy. Please contact her directly to set up a consultation.

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