Dr. Allen Selner D.P.M., a former engineer (University of California BERKELEY) combined his medical and engineering background to develop the most clinically advanced surgical procedure for bunions: The Tri-Correctional Bunionectomy.

  • This procedure has the best documented results of any published bunion surgery available.
  • Most of our patients experience minimum discomfort.  Approximately 90% don't require pain medication (Vicodine or stronger).
  • No Crutches or leg casts required for the standard Tri-Correctional Bunionectomy.
  • The majority of our patients are back in shoes after two weeks or less, as compared to 6 - 10 weeks with many other surgical repairs.  Most patients can return to some athletic activities in 2-3 weeks.
  • Cosmetic Results: the small incision is positioned on the side of the foot as opposed to the top of the toe for improved aesthetic appearance.
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If you have any of the following problems, your feet should be evaluated.

  1. Calluses on the inside of the big toe
  2. Pain around the big toe when wearing certain shoes
  3. Painful calluses on the bottom of your feet
  4. The big toe pushing on the second toe
  5. Numbness around the big toe joint
  6. Difficulty bending the big toe joint